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Easter Conservation Services

Back Story

Easter Conservation Services, LTD. is a museum-quality, full-service art, textile, and furniture conservation shop in Indianapolis, specializing in museum-quality matting and framing.

While working there during school, I had the unique opportunity to put my Visual Communication Design studies into practice.

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As I had been interacting directly with Owner Jean-Marie Easter's clients for nearly two years, my primary research focus was on the intersection between the magazine's readership and Easter Conservation's clientele.


As this was a single-deliverable project, I didn't write a case study. However, here is the full-page layout that appeared on page 10 of the March-April, 2013 issue of Sophisticated Living Magazine, a bi-monthly haut monde publication with outlets in only a few major US cities.

Back Story

This project was born and lived most of its life with too many chefs. Our team (Jackie Closurdo, Chad Gerner, and I) had a very few weeks to sift through irrelevant (and numerous) assets and procedures to produce a showcard for mailing / event invitation / notification, and a poster for the gallery entrance.

Stretching Canvas


The development stage of this project was stymied by excessive delays in correspondence, and alternately functionally absent Board members or severe micromanagement. We were given the theme, "Coming Home," with no exhibited works or artists to research, and no curation notes.


As this was a single-deliverable project, there is no case study, but you can download / view the show card.


Finally, after a series of very frank discussions about expectation vs. timeline, I was able to secure an emergency solo meeting with the Board Chairman with the hope I would be able to hand off our new assets and tactfully fire this client.

Instead, a willing and interactive Chairman showed up face-to-face. In the ensuing four hours, we two accomplished what eleven had failed at in the previous four weeks.

Not only did the showcard and poster come to life, but also a brand for the annual event itself. We politely declined to work with the Alumni Association again in establishing an identity for future use.

Show Card w/ Branding
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